We are pleased to share with you the details of Archana Jaju`s latest Ready to Wear collection `RA

Archana Jaju, celebrated for her Indian craftsmanship, launches her latest ready-to-wear collection, ‘Raahi,’ drawing inspiration from the wanderlust and spirit of exploration embodied by the traveller. This collection redefines Indian fashion by embracing sustainability, innovation, and circularity while retaining the essence of exquisite artistry and attention to detail that defines the Archana Jaju label.

In this collection, Archana Jaju for the first time experiments with upcycling and the craft of Applique. She has upcycled leftover Kalamkari fabrics into strings and used them as embroideries along with stunning appliqué patches. In a bold move away from her signature Kalamkari artistry, Archana Jaju seamlessly integrates these patches into a summer-ready, ready-to-wear collection crafted from fabrics like linen and chanderi.

Each garment tells a story of heritage and innovation, with multiple thread works and 3D embellishments adding depth and dimension to the collection, echoing the diverse experiences of a traveller's journey. From breezy summer dresses to elegant separates, every piece is a testament to Archana Jaju's commitment to quality, creativity, and sustainability.

"At Archana Jaju, we believe in fashion that not only captivates the senses but also respects our planet," said Archana Jaju, the visionary designer behind the brand. "With 'Raahi,' we are pioneering a new era of conscious luxury, where sustainability and style converge seamlessly. By upcycling leftover Kalamkari fabric and incorporating innovative techniques like appliqué patches, we are redefining the boundaries of traditional Indian fashion."



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