Easy Tricks: How to Style Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a space we spend increased amounts of time in. Even when we aren’t sleeping, we’re breakfast-in-bedding, blogging, reading or simply just relaxing and enjoying the space. Ironically, the bedroom can be one of the last rooms in which we decorate, as the main living areas often take up most of our time and budget. I have put together some simple styling tricks you can try out in your bedroom to help get a professional, polished and finished look in next to no time at all.

  1. Aim for ‘effortless’

Bedroom styling can be a lot more relaxed these days. Ultimately, you want to recreate a lived in, ‘effortless’ vibe that implies you spend more time sleeping than staging. Your bed is a great place to start. Pillows don’t have to be perfectly arranged and your top quilt or throw can be thrown haphazardly, showing the folds and lines.

Bonus tip: So your bed doesn’t look like a hot mess, I like to ensure at least one element of the bedlinen is straight and neat. For example, in this image I have styled the bed so the main quilt is flat and neat, but the top layered Kantha quilt is relaxed, as are the scatter cushions.

  1. Choose oversized artwork

This easy-peasy styling trick is perfect for renters or no-time decorators. You don’t need to mount oversized art – just lean the frame against the wall and let the print do the talking. It also has the bonus of adding to that relaxed, effortless feel we’re going for in the bedroom.

I like to work with oversized prints and frames as it’s something a little bit different and unexpected within the bedroom and draws your attention.

Create a bed ‘end zone’

A spot at the end of your bed or, as I like to call it, a bed ‘end zone’, is great for getting dressed, putting your shoes on, scattering some magazines or laying out a tea tray. Space permitting, all you have to do is move carefully chosen furniture to the end of your bed. You could try a chest, a bench seat, two stools, an upholstered ottoman with hidden storage or a chaise lounge. I love this look, as it reminds me of the polished look I see so often in boutique hotel bedrooms.

Bonus tip: Just remember to have a purpose in mind for this area, and to keep it clutter free

  1. No bedhead? Create an art wall

Use the wall space above your bed and create a meaningful gallery wall. Instead of hanging one large artwork, try experimenting with a series of smaller pieces.

Bonus tip: Keep note of where your head will rest when sitting up to read, use this imaginary line as a guide, and hang your artwork above it.

  1. Style a bedside

Call it the finishing touch, but a styled bedside makes your bedroom look complete. Only use necessary items here such as a lamp, clock, reading book and decorative details like a dish to hold your jewellery or a small travel memento.Keep this area clean and dust free as you don’t want to be waking up to a mess or breathing in allergens while you sleep.

Bonus tip: The interior style of your bedroom should guide you in your choice for bedside items. For instance, a coastal-inspired bedroom could use lush green tropical leaves in a glass bottle on top of a stack of books and a maritime-inspired clock. Boho bedrooms might feature a small posy of brightly-coloured flowers, incense and a string of beads. Just don’t be overly obvious in your approach to themes, as it could look overdone.

  1. Pick a colour scheme

I can’t stress how important this is, so I’m going to take some time in talking through the ways in which to get it right. Anyone can choose a colour scheme; the trick is to find the inspiration for it in the right place, and then stick to it. This bedroom gives a contemporary twist on a traditional blue and white style. By using varying shades of blue, the bedroom has depth and, with a mix of contrasting textures, it gives interest to the space.Can’t find inspiration? Look to your existing wall colour or stand-out features to guide you.
You could, for instance, select two or three colours from artwork and match these to your linen, bedside table lamps, throw rugs or scatter cushions.Another feature that could give your bedroom colour cues is the existing wallpaper. Treat the paper as a work of art in itself, and use the pattern or colour as inspiration and style direction for the rest of your bedroom.

Bonus tip: If you are a lover of neutrals, remember to mix textures and vary shades so your bedroom doesn’t feel stark or flat.

If you rent and you have a wall of colour you are stuck with, fear not! If you can’t paint over it, work with what you’ve got. Use the existing colour as inspiration for the palette or theme on your bedlinen. In this striking bedroom, soft aqua blues in the lighting and cushions stand out against the coral pink wall for a win-win combo!

  1. Above all, go for comfort

The interior style of your bedroom should reflect your personality. It’s not rocket science, it’s your bedroom! So keep it comfortable and inviting. It’s YOUR special place, so use and select the things you love and that make you feel good.


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