Clever Ways to Design a 1 BHK Apartment

A 1-BHK (one bedroom, hall, kitchen) home usually has an area of 400 to 650 square feet. Although the restricted square footage makes it challenging to accommodate multiple functions and adequate storage, with clever planning, one can design an efficient 1-BHK home. These tips can help you to create a well-designed petite home full of character, style and functionality.

Use neutral colours

Neutral colours impart a bright and airy look to this living room by Sand Design. Note that light-coloured surfaces add an element of spaciousness, while dark surfaces absorb light and make the space feel smaller.

Optimise storage

Saima Salam Design maximises the storage space with a set of drawers below the bed, a standalone bedside unit, and closed overhead cabinets and an open shelf above the floating study table. Just see how PJ Designworks combines closed cabinets and open shelves to create a highly functional and good-looking corner storage unit.

Design a clutter-free space

Allen+Killcoyne Architects uses straight lines, white combined with pale wood tones, and plenty of built-in storage to create a clutter-free space

Consider an open kitchen

The open kitchen adds spaciousness and allows adequate circulation space in this home designed by Studio Osmosis.
Eliminate solid walls

In this example, Jannat Vasi Interior Design employs open shelves to partition the dining area from the open kitchen

Introduce multifunctional furniture

Just see how the built-in seating converts into a two-tier bed in this bedroom by Tamalpais Construction Company. This drop-leaf dining table, designed by Osborne Architects, can be lowered during meal times and then folded back to act as shutter to the nifty storage for glass and china. In this compact home by Michael K Chen Architecture, a Murphy or pull-down bed folds back into the wall when not in use.

Let in natural light

has installed a glass door and large glass panels by Limehouse Design Studio offers a wide view of the outdoors. This arrangement creates an expanded space flooded with natural light.

Install wall shelves

Jeffrey King Interiors incorporates interesting wall shelves to add purpose and create extra storage space on blank walls.

Introduce recessed lighting

The recessed cove lighting by Supercraft Studio I Architecte d’intérieur breaks up a solid mass into luminous, seemingly weightless elements. The recessed lighting functions as task lighting for the countertop and as accent lighting for the bottle display. A luxurious 1-BHK apartment by deSigneR - Architects and Interior Designers incorporates recessed cove lighting behind the sofa, within the ceiling and in the bar unit to create a mesmerising ambience.

Add mirrors

Lourdes Gabriela Interiors places a large mirror behind the sofas to create the illusion of a larger space. Lonetree Kitchens and Bathrooms introduces a tall mirror that adds openness to a compact dressing table with built-in storage.

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