Say Hello to the Most Popular Types of Kitchen Wall Cabinets

The design of a kitchen wall cabinet plays a key role in determining the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Factors such as the design of the cabinet door shutters, colours, external finishes and practicality of use should be taken into consideration when choosing kitchen wall cabinets. Note that each wall cabinet style has its own distinct appearance and a different opening and closing mechanism. Here is a guide to the most popular wall cabinet styles for your kitchen. Take your pick.

1. Cabinets with glass insets
Glass insets within the hinged cabinet doors give a modern look and bring an element of lightness within the kitchen. Transparent glass panels enable full view of the cabinet’s interior without the need to open them, but on the downside they easily show smudges and fingerprints. Consider frosted glass insets for easier maintenance of such kitchen wall cabinets.

 2. Frameless glass cabinets
Frameless glass wall cabinets comprise a sheet of glass that works as the door shutter. The combination of decorative SS (stainless steel) hinges, absence of handles and a generous use of frameless glass imparts a high-end sophisticated look to the kitchen. Note that a magnetic push latch is used to open and close these cabinets.

3. Raised-panel cabinets
If you want a traditional look for your kitchen, go for raised-panel wall cabinets. These cabinets include a decorative panel (customised as per design) inserted into the frame of the cabinet doors. This is a great way to impart a detailed look into the space.

4. Flush-mount cabinets
An affordable way to create a straight line modern look is with flush-mount kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are very easy to maintain and one can achieve an attractive look with a simple mix-and-match of colourful laminates.

5. Awning-style cabinets
The awning-style cabinets are very popular in modular kitchens. The lift-up movement of the cabinet door is easy to use and ensures safety because it does not hit the head while opening the cabinets (which might happen with hinged cabinets).

6. Louvred cabinets
Louvred kitchen wall cabinet panels are fabricated with a repetition of horizontal wood slats. The main characteristic of these cabinets is that there is a gap between each slat, which provides ventilation. This is highly useful in moisture-laden areas as they prevent the formation of damp coditions inside.

Note: The horizontal wooden slats look elegant, but they are not very easy to maintain as dust easily settles between each slat. Avoid using louvred cabinets in areas that are prone to dust.

7. Sliding-door cabinets
These wall cabinet doors slide on rollers and tracks to move back and forth. The main drawback of this type of a kitchen wall cabinet style is that since one panel slides in front of the other, it is impossible to see the contents of the entire cabinet at once. Also, these cabinets should be handled gently, otherwise the alignment may get damaged and cause the shutter to slip off the track.

Note: Make sure you go for only good-quality rollers for the cabinet doors to ensure hassle-free maintenance and long-term durability.


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