5 reasons to choose a U shaped kitchen

When deciding on a kitchen layout you can choose between an L-shaped, U-shaped, straight-line or galley kitchen depending on the shape and size of your kitchen. Among these layouts, the U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped kitchen has emerged as the most-efficient best-suited for medium-sized and spacious kitchens. The best part about a U-shaped kitchen is that it uses three walls to maximize the available space.

1. Well-organized

Since a U-shaped kitchen incorporates a countertop on three sides of the kitchen, it can strategically be divided into three distinct zones which in turn will help create more space for different tasks in the kitchen. It will also prevent overlapping and cramping. But note that the width of a U-shaped kitchen should be at least nine feet or it will start to feel cramped.

2. Efficient Workflow

A U-shaped kitchen can be divided into three distinct sections to easily accommodate the kitchen work triangle. This arrangement plays a key role in efficiency of a kitchen by maintaining an optimum distance between three main areas: the hob, sink and the refrigerator. This enables multitasking, and free movement between each zone. A U-shaped kitchen is also perfect for a large joint family, where more than two or three people work together simultaneously.

3. Continuous Countertop

U-shaped kitchens provide plenty of uninterrupted countertop space on three sides of the kitchen, can look sophisticated and crisp, and impart a clutter-free look. Additionally, all the kitchen appliances and kitchen ingredients are easy to access. The pantry unit and refrigerator should always be installed at one end so that the continuity of the countertop is not broken.

4. Abundant Storage

The biggest advantage of a U-shaped kitchen is that it has a large storage capacity when compared to other kitchen layouts. The base and overhead storage cabinets run along three walls of the kitchen. For a neat and clutter-free look, consider built-in kitchen appliances, and make the best use of inaccessible corners by incorporating a carousel/Lazy Susan.

5. Flexibility

Since a U-shaped kitchen is closed on three sides, it offers a lot of flexibility. The kitchen can be closed with a door or one wall can be eliminated to transform it into an open kitchen where the countertop separates it from the living areas. The U-shaped countertop can also be extended into a G-shaped peninsula kitchen, which can function as a breakfast counter, dining table or even a bar counter.


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