Things We Love About Bangalore Homes

Modern, eclectic or with an old-fashioned touch, these residences are inspiring in their melange of aesthetic elements
These homes in the garden city showcase its salubrious weather, its access to indigenous materials and its happy mix of varied design styles. Cutwork walls, floors laid with handmade tiles, open living spaces indoors, the old mixed with the new – these and more are some ideas to be taken away from residences in Bangalore

Brick façades

Taking advantage of the year-round pleasant weather, Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects creates a jali-like façade in brickwork that is as eye-catching as it is functional. Even sans openings in the walls fronting the house, their extruded-brick design is compelling in its earthy terracotta colour and exposed brick form, in this house by Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Athangudi tiles

Probably due to the proximity of the place of origin of these tiles (Chettinad), Athangudi tiles find their way more easily into Bangalore homes. The ethnic flavour of this residence is accentuated by a sea of striking red tiles, interspersed with tiny yellow petals.

Mangalore tiles

Another element that is still used in countryside homes and has found a revival in a small way in city homes is Mangalore tiles. Khosla Associates, known for their use of indigenous materials, employ the terracotta roof tiles to keep this house cool The same designers recreate the old-fashioned aesthetic of old Bangalore homes in another modern residence, where the entryway is marked by a pitched Mangalore-tiled roof supported by wooden pillars.

Concrete finishes

The erstwhile red oxide floorings have received a modern makeover by Fadd Studio in this home, where it’s the walls that sport the oxide finish in grey, giving the dining room a chic, contemporary look. Cement oxide finishes have been used generously in this home designed by Greyscale design studio. The grey oxide of the floor, staircase and columns serves to augment the earthy palette of this residence.


Bringing the outdoors right into the heart of this home, Wright Inspires put a circular skylight 40 feet above, flooding the interiors with natural light. The central courtyard in this house is covered with a grille-covered skylight that not only illuminates the multiple levels but is also conducive to growing a little green patch at ground level. 

Traditional accents

Window panels from old homes are given a new avatar in this partition screen by design firm By the Riverside, bringing old-world charm to a contemporary milieu. Weespaces creates a comfy corner with a collection of old-style pieces – vintage wooden brackets, a traditional hanging lamp and colonial furniture bring this space to life.

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