25 Practical, Stylish Built In Storage Ideas for the Bedroom

These bedrooms offer stylish built-in storage solutions to bring in maximum functionality within a limited space

Built-in storage is a great way to improve the aesthetics of the bedroom and give it an organised, uncluttered and spacious look. Here are 25 striking bedrooms that integrate clever built-in storage with extra shelves, drawers, niches, cabinets and more.

  1. Firm: akiHAUS Design Studio
    The headboard of this bed is divided into two distinct sections. The lower section comprises a padded velvet headboard, which continues as a slatted wood backing, while the upper section of the headboard incorporates built-in storage with gloss-finish cabinets.
  2.  Firm: DesignStudio13
    The headboard wall features a wall-to-wall, full-height built-in unit with differently-sized storage cabinets. The all-white cabinets make the upholstered headboard stand out.

3. Firm: TG-Studio
        See how a small built-in cabinet is neatly tucked into the back wall of the bed.

4. Firm: INT2architecture
A combination of open shelves, drawers and cabinets create substantial built-in storage

. 5. Firm: Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects
Built-in L-shaped open shelves form a dominant feature in this bedroom and are used for stacking books, and displaying artifacts and photo frames.

6. A beautifully cocooned daybed incorporates storage with display shelves on the narrow side of the bed, and under-bed drawers on its wider side.

7. Firm: Alair Homes Arlington
In this shared children’s bedroom, there is provision for open shelves above the door for the display of toys. The bunk beds are strategically placed so as to make space for additional open shelves and enclosed storage below.

8. Firm: Maillot Homes
Multiple open shelves and under-bed drawers are used to store and display books, stationery and toys, and give the bedroom a playful look.

9. Firm: Julie Nabucet Architectures
The built-in storage works as an open partition that visually divides the bedroom into two separate zones.

Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

10. Firm: Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design
The headboard and back wall of this bedroom is framed with an array of open shelves that continue below as drawers.


11. Firm: Izen Architecture Inc.
Just see how the continuous wall-to-wall open shelves, windows, padded headboard and side table units create a layered look while making provision for ample storage.

12.This modern bedroom uses dark-grey tones for the walls and the built-in storage, which includes floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and recessed niches within the headboard-style wall in the middle of the room.

13. Firm: Tanna Green Architects
All-white overhead cabinets and side tables flank the bed on either side and effortlessly blend with the walls and ceiling to give the bedroom a minimalist look.

14. Firm: Aum Architects
This floor-to-ceiling storage unit has open shelves and integrates a built-in seating as well, which does not look bulky and matches with the design of the bed.

15. Firm: Aum Architects
In this bedroom, cabinets, drawers and open shelves create an interesting bed with built-in storage.

16. Firm: Eye 4 Detail
A single bed is neatly tucked within the floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Notice how glass insets save the cabinets from looking bulky.

17. Firm: Ryan Group Architects
The window seat creates an interesting spot to sit and enjoy the garden view. The seating has provision for drawers, and further continues as a cabinet and a wardrobe.

18. Firm: Scott Donald Architecture
The closed built-in wardrobes and desk are neatly designed without knobs and handles to give a sleek modern look.

19. Firm: Z+ Interiors
This built-in bed makes maximum use of every square inch of space and is smartly designed with drawers and open shelves on either side.

20. Firm: Robeson Design
Open shelves and drawers are incorporated behind the bed, while a column of built-in book shelves segregates the sleeping area from the study.

21. Firm: Go Modern Furniture
In this compact children’s bedroom, there are closets, cabinets, open shelves and under-bed storage units.

22. Firm: Kia Designs
Just see how a raised platform creates lots of deep storage below the bed with different-sized drawers that are easy to access.

23. Firm: Reyne Design
The angles and slopes of this attic bedroom are used to create efficient storage within a compact space.

24. Firm: Da Namah design studio
This bedroom stands out for its custom lights and accent storage, which comprises closed cabinets and niches.

25. Firm: Fadd Studio
The white paint finish of the walls and ceiling combines with the cupboards to add lightness to the bedroom.


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