How to design a semi open kitchen

A semi-open kitchen is perfect for compact and spacious homes because it effortlessly achieves the openness of an open kitchen and the privacy of a closed one.  Since a semi-open kitchen is partially closed, it cordons off direct views of the soiled utensils and kitchen clutter from the living or dining areas of the home. Check out the different styles of semi-open kitchens and see which one is best suited for your home. 

Install A Frameless Glass Partition

A frameless glass partition physically segregates the kitchen and offers maximum visibility. The glass partition works as a barrier which prevents heat, grime and odours from permeating outside. Opt for a hinged glass door or a glass sliding door with frameless glass partition.  

Framed Glass Partition

For a minimalist or industrial-themed space, demarcate the kitchen with framed glass panels. These add oodles of character to the interior and ensure that all the clutter, smoke and grime are confined to the kitchen space. 

Opt For Bi-Folding Dividers

Create a convertible kitchen by introducing bi-folding dividers which can be opened or closed as and when required. The bi-folding dividers can be closed whenever the food preparation or cleaning is in progress and opened for rest of the day. 

Create A Window Cut-out

Introduce a service window within the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area.  This is a great way to create an interactive service counter which can be used for directly transferring food items from the kitchen into the dining space. 

Install A Sliding Door

The installation of a sliding door is one of the most practical and affordable ways to create a semi-open modular kitchen. One can easily close the door when the kitchen is messy or when it has to be sealed from the air-conditioned areas of the home. Consider a translucent glass panel for the sliding door so that light can penetrate even when the door is closed.

Include A Breakfast Counter

In an open-plan design, physically demarcate the kitchen with a breakfast counter. The best part about a counter is that it can function as an extra countertop, a bar counter or its width can be increased so that it forms a dining table. However the disadvantage is that the kitchen odours, grime and smoke spread into the other areas of the home. Therefore it is essential to install a kitchen chimney with a high suction power so that all the indoor kitchen pollutants are expelled into the outdoors.

Build A High Partition

A half-height brick wall partition visually demarcates the kitchen, creates the feeling of openness and keeps the clutter out of view. Alternately a raised kitchen island also helps in blocking views. 

Widen The Door Opening 

Bring in the feeling of openness within the kitchen by widening the openings. The kitchen transforms into a semi-private space which segregates the kitchen activities from rest of the home.


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