5 tips to choose the right flooring for your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen? Discover how to pick low maintenance, durable and aesthetically pleasing tiles for your kitchen.

The kitchen forms the heart of the home as it is primarily used for cooking, dining and even interacting with guests. Since the kitchen is prone to rough use and is subjected to spills, dirt, moisture and stains, the choice of flooring forms an important component of the kitchen design. Take these five points into consideration when selecting the kitchen flooring.

Choose the Flooring Material

A plethora of flooring materials is available in the market. Choose yours wisely:

1.Porcelain tiles are highly recommended for the kitchen because they are strong, durable and dense. Consider matte finish tiles as they are anti-skid and reduce the chances of slipping. A recent innovation is germ-free tiles that ensure good hygiene. Its antimicrobial glaze resists and inhibits the growth of germs, bacteria, fungus and microbes.

2. One can go for ceramic tiles that are made with natural clay and baked under high temperatures. However, one disadvantage is that these tiles are prone to chipping. With digital printing technology, the ceramic and porcelain tiles can easily simulate the look of wood and natural stone.

3. Give a classic look to your kitchen with hardwood or engineered wood flooring as it infuses warmth and texture into the overall design of the kitchen. In addition, it provides a soft and comfortable underfoot.

4. Vitrified tiles work equally well for the kitchen flooring. Its glossy surface instantly lifts the look of the space and infuses a bright and airy look.

5. Infuse an old-world charm with natural stone materials like sandstone, limestone or marble. The best part about natural stone is that no two tiles look alike.

6. Give a traditional look to the kitchen with handmade encaustic cement tiles. It is available in solid colours and traditional floor patterns. Cement tiles have a naturally rough and porous surface and have to be sealed periodically.

7. Infuse a Mediterranean vibe into the kitchen décor with earthy terracotta tiles. These tiles are best suited for farmhouses.

Select the Flooring Pattern

The flooring pattern should complement the overall design of the kitchen. One can choose between plain tiles and tiles with motifs, floral and geometric patterns. Laser-cut tiles are available in different shapes like hexagons, triangles, circles, and so on.

Choose the Colour

For a compact kitchen, it is advisable to go for neutral coloured tiles as they make the kitchen look larger. In a spacious kitchen, you can go for a contrast coloured flooring and backsplash. 

Ease of Maintenance

The flooring should be easy to clean and stain-resistant. If you are looking for easy-to-maintain tiles then restrict your selection to vitrified, porcelain or ceramic tiles. Other flooring materials like wood, cement tiles, and terracotta are comparatively difficult to maintain.

Cost of Flooring

Kitchen tiles are available in a vast range of budget-friendly and expensive options. Factors like cost of tiles, delivery and transportation cost of tiles and installation cum labour costs determine the overall cost of the flooring. Choose the best option as per your budget.


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