Essentially in this recipe all the flavours of sour cream and onion chips are taken and put together into a pasta sauce. It is basically made from a bechamel (white sauce) with sour cream and chives stirred in.

How to make sour cream and onion pasta

1. Cook your pasta. Cook your favourite pasta shape according to the package in boiling salted water.

2. Make a roux. While your pasta is cooking, make the sour cream and onion sauce by melting some butter in a pan. When the butter is melted, stir in some flour to create a roux (see tips below).

3. Add milk. When the roux is cooked, stir in the milk and let the sauce thicken.

4. Add the sour cream. Take the sauce off the heat and stir in the sour cream.

5. Add the onions. By now your pasta should be done, so drain it and add it to the sauce. Stir in the chives, salt, and pepper, and enjoy!

How to Make a Roux

The key to a really smooth creamy white sauce (béchamel) is making sure that the roux is well mixed and cooked. When you are adding the flour to the just melted butter, sprinkle it on evenly, instead of just dumping it in a clump in the middle of the pan. Sprinkling the flour ensures that all of the flour kernels are coated with butter which helps them emulsify into the sauce smoothly. When the roux is cooked – it will turn a very slight creamy color, be texture of white sand, and smell a little nutty – it will take about 2 minutes. Using a whisk, it really helps move everything around. A well-cooked roux will turn into a beautiful creamy white sauce perfect for pairing with pasta.

What to serve with sour cream and onion pasta

To be honest we just ate this as is, as a bowl of creamy comforting carbs. But, if you like, you can serve it with:

garlic parmesan knots
everything bagel rolls
dijon mustard chicken
garlicky mushrooms
crunchy oven baked pork cutlets
grilled romaine salad


We hope you give this sour cream and onion pasta a try. People LOVED it. It is so creamy and had the exact flavour of sour cream and onion chips.

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